Dr. Tureka Louis is a passionate consultant, coach, and educator, who established E & E, Inc. to help people seeking to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and awareness (KSAAs) to impact their families, communities, and the world around them while fulfilling their potential. She accomplished her goals of educating, awakening, and empowering others by providing high quality online content, consulting , coaching, and tutoring services. She is a published author, educator, public speaker, project manager, and thought leader. She works with individuals, businesses, and organizations where success is the only option. Dr. Louis learned through experience that we cannot own anything until we own ourselves. She set out to do just that in her life, business, and professional practice and is dedicated to helping others do the same.

“We cannot own anything until we own ourselves.” -Dr. Tureka Louis

Dr. Louis began to understand the power of having the right KSAAs as a child. She always learned in her own way and quickly learned to excel in school, her career, relationships, and the world around her using KSAAs to build a better life experience, establish businesses, and obtain economic empowerment. In helping others to accomplish their own success, she became keenly aware that learning occurs in every environment and success is different for each of us. For that reason, Dr. Louis built a thriving practice helping people, organizations, and businesses carve out their unique success paths.

Dr. Louis believes success can only be achieved with heightened sensitivity to the impact of cultural diversity, socioeconomic impacts, and access to resources. In order to succeed, we must bridge the gap in all these areas and cross the finish line with our dignity intact.

As a young adult, Dr. Louis set her sights on corporate America. As a young mother, she was determined to do things her own way, which meant achieving professional and financial success while also being present for her family. To accomplish this, she faced many challenges trying to find the right balance between work and the rest of her life. She believes that a person can always replace belongings and live without most things, but she says of things too valuable to lose in life, dignity is one of the most important.

“There are things too valuable to risk losing in life, dignity is one of them. It is of the utmost importance.” -Dr. Tureka Louis

Refusing to compromise her values, assimilate, or allow herself to be lost on the corporate ladder, Dr. Louis still carved out a space of esteem and leadership in many organizations. She also felt a passionate desire to level the playing field that supported privilege and unearned advantage, while making success more difficult for the disenfranchised.

During her dissertation studies, Dr. Louis applied education and instructional design principles to develop the IAP Financial Literacy Program. Through this work, Dr. Louis sought to highlight the existence of the often-overlooked working poor and to bring attention to the need for more effective approaches to eradicating poverty. Dr. Louis asserted that it is only through sound Financial Literacy and empowerment that we can support the emancipation of the working poor and those who feel trapped in generational poverty.

Through her research and experience with the Florida Department of Children and Families as well as personal experiences, Dr. Louis realized that most programs set participants up to fail in numerous ways including poor instructional design, a focus on alleviating the symptoms of poverty as opposed to the causes, and helping participants to get a job. Instead, Dr. Louis felt the focus should be on helping people discover themselves, select a career path and find work in their aligned vocational field. She felt that this would produce longevity and career growth instead of job-hopping and a lifetime of soul-sucking, mind-numbing work for survival’s sake.

This was the first of many programs designed to help students achieve success through wealth building, career growth, better relationships, and more. Dr. Louis is currently establishing the E & E Academy and Learning Center to provide K-12 students, adults, and families a space to grow, learn, thrive, evolve, and expand.

Today, Dr. Louis transforms lives by providing high quality online content, public speaking, consulting services, and more. For booking or consultation, send an email to [email protected].