One Surefire Key to Being Grateful Even in Hard Times

Being grateful even in hard times can mean the difference between a success story and a sob story. While there is not one surefire key to being grateful even in hard times, it is quite possible.

gratitude journals can help with being grateful in hard times.
Gratitude gets easier with practice!

If you’re having a difficult time dealing with the many challenges encountered during 2020, you are not alone. And you are not alone if you are struggling to find the happy these days either.

Because of the time of year, the words thankful, happy, and gratitude are everywhere you look. If we’re not careful, holiday depression can rear its ugly head –  it’s a thing.

You know what’s also a thing? Really taking a moment to drench yourself in gratitude for making it this far. Wherever you are in your success journey, whether thinking about it, just getting started, or well on your way, you did it. You’re here. Even in this pandemic, you’ve made progress. You have power.

You survived every day before today. This ought to be reason enough to take a pause for the cause and give yourself a high five. Studies have proven that gratitude helps in difficult times. What do you have to lose?

Take a moment to gratefully acknowledge your success and progress to this point. Forget about comparing yourself to anyone else. They couldn’t beat you at being you if they tried. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true and if you don’t believe it, who will? How will it ever be true if not with you?

If you need a little help figuring out your next steps after this boost of gratitude, we can help with consulting services and more. While there might not be one surefire key to being grateful in hard times, there are many ways to amp up the gratitude and enjoy your days.


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