How Can We Use Our Beliefs, Values, and Thoughts to Be Successful?

The world around you and your experiences in life are controlled, driven, or at least heavily influenced by your beliefs. I am often asked how can we use our beliefs, values, and thoughts to be successful. The answer is simple. Let’s look closely at the question first.

The beliefs that have the greatest impact in your life are not just any old beliefs. That’s why the law of attraction and many other things will work for some people but not others.  People tend to think that if you believe in something and think about it, you can make it happen. However, it takes a little bit more than that. There are levels to this thing.

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Our Big Idea Beliefs

Big idea beliefs are not just the minor things that you believe are true or could be true. Big idea beliefs are those beliefs that are held so deeply within you that you don’t even have to think about them for them to be operating in your life, influencing your life, and affecting everything else that you think, say or do.

These beliefs are usually adopted at a time in your life when you don’t even realize that you’re doing it. When you’re young or when going through a trauma at any age, adopted beliefs can become so deeply rooted in you that you don’t even have to be conscious of it for it to impact your life in major ways.

Our Core Values

When people say “beliefs” they’re often really talking about their core values. Those are the beliefs that we hold deeply within our core. They’re not the big idea beliefs that are interwoven into the fabric of everything including core beliefs. They are the umbrella under which the core beliefs sit.

Alignment with our big idea beliefs allows us to adopt our core beliefs. A core belief is something held deeply within you. It’s there but you know it’s there. It’s something that you would express as your values or beliefs about life in general or something that otherwise frames the big picture.

Our Thoughts

Now, big idea beliefs and core beliefs are grand in scale. Let’s talk about their little friends. These little friends are thoughts. Most people think thoughts and beliefs are the same thing. Often, we assume thoughts are part of who we are, that they are out of our control.

While often held as factual, thoughts may or may not be true. Thoughts can pop up involuntarily, however this doesn’t mean you have no control over the thought or how long it stays in our minds. We absolutely do. In addition, we have control over how thoughts are applied and used in our life. They really are tools of our consciousness. They can be intentional or subconscious ideas that come to mind.

How We Can Use Our Thoughts, Beliefs, and Core Values?

Now that we know the difference between a thought, a belief, and a core value, let’s examine how we can use those things to rig ourselves to be successful. Most people seek success particularly in the areas of money, career, and relationships. However, these principles apply across the board in all areas of our life experience.

Acceptance and alignment of the power of your beliefs, thoughts, and core values is key to being what you want to be, doing what you want to do, and having what you want to have. As a matter of fact, it’s going to be the key to any real, lasting, positive change. It’s the key to you holding yourself accountable. It’s the key to you being responsible for your life experience and all things in it.

So how can we use our thoughts, beliefs, and core values to be successful? It’s simple, we must first seek to understand them, replace those that do not serve us, and align them with our desires. For support in doing so, check out our course offerings at .


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