• Graduation Is More Than A Ceremony
    Congratulations graduates and those who support them. While you may have a great deal going on around you right now, it is important to stop and take it all in, this no doubt feel like a major moment in your life experience. Indeed, it is more than a moment and graduation is more than a
  • Getting Your Child into the Right College – Here’s the Key
    Most people think the best way to prepare their child for college and beyond is to send them to school and make sure the “get good grades” or “take all the right classes.” Others feel “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” While strong grades, solid transcripts, and networking help, there are things
  • 34 Easy Tips to Increase Your Productivity
    When you boost your productivity, not only do you get more work done, but you can also do it quicker, freeing up more time for you to do the things you really want to do! This goes for home life, school, family responsibilities, and anything else you need to do! Try these tips to help
  • Dealing with Major Changes in Relationships
    When Family Roles Shift & Evolve If it’s one thing guaranteed to stay the same in life, it’s change. Kids grow up. Significant Others change jobs or open businesses. We change. We evolve. It’s a lot. Everyone as some point will find themselves dealing with major changes in relationships. Here are 7 things to remember
  • 10 Reasons to Try Meditation for Health, Wealth & Happiness
    Everyone is looking for a magic pill for health, wellness, and happiness. People want the easiest path to better living. On the surface, it seems nearly impossible in this day and age. Finding peace seems to require an arduous journey characterized by hard work, focus, dedication, and spiritual searching. In some ways, this is true.